Kuriyottumala, Punalur, Kollam, Kerala-689696


Thenmala Eco tourism

Thenmala is the first planned eco-tourism destination in India.

Konni Elephant Training Center

Distance: 29km
One of the major attractions here are the giant wooden cages used to house the elephants. Locally known as Aanakoodu, they can house up to 3 to 4 elephants at a time.

Hanging Bridge Punalur

Distance: 4.8km
The Punalur Suspension Bridge,is the oldest motorable Bridge in Kerala, which was built by  

Travancore Government and is now a historical attraction. The bridge has a length of 400 feet.

Konni-Adavi kottavanchi journey

Distance: 32.2km
The kotta vanchi ride is arranged in Kallaar river at adavi and the main attraction is the lush 

green forest in the banks and if you are very lucky, you may spot wild elephants.

Jatayu Adventure Center

A stone amusement with the world’s biggest flying creature mold is the thing that anticipates all guests to Kollam locale. Jatayupura is among the most conspicuous traveler goals coming up in Kerala. It is situated at Chadayamangalam and gets its name from the legendary fledgling in Ramayana-Jatayu. Legend has it that Jatayu attempted to spare Sita (spouse of Lord Rama) when Ravana, an evil spirit ruler, was snatching her in his airborne chariot. He is said to have battled valiantly and fallen on these stones, offensively harmed. It is 200 feet long, 150 feet wide and 70 feet high. It gloats of an exhibition hall and in addition a multi-dimensional theater.

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area in the Western Ghats, India, located in Kollam district of Kerala and comes under the control of Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve. It was established on 25 August 1984 and comprises 172.403 square kilometres.